Eliminate Lower Back Pain While Sitting in Your Desk Chair With PillowFix

chair-image-2PillowFix as a lumbar support pillow provides the extra support most office chairs are lacking. You no longer need to sacrifice comfort for price or quality. This easily inflated pillow cushions the lumbar and sacral region of the spinal column. This support helps keep good posture while sitting and also prevents the slouching that can occur when seated for an extended period of time. PillowFix is an ideal solution for those who work all day at the office. When your day is done at the office, bring it with you in your car for the ride home or on those long road trips that are so hard on the lumbar region of the back. Simply inflate to your desired firmness with just a few quick breaths for lumbar support during work or on the go.

If you suffer from chronic back conditions such as sciatica, scoliosis, or if you have a herniated disc, then PillowFix is an outstanding product for you! With PillowFix, the user has complete control of the level of inflation, which allows you to customize the firmness to fit your unique needs. You get a perfect, supportive, pillow-aid every single time!

When deflated, PillowFix takes up minimal space. You can even fit it in the top drawer of your desk and still have plenty of room for all of the office knickknacks!

chair-image-1PillowFix is designed and manufactured entirely in the USA from high quality, 100% hypoallergenic medical grade materials. The innovative design employs the use of internal gussets to ensure even firmness across the entire surface area which eliminates any ballooning from movement. Now you can work comfortably in your desk chair without poor posture and unwanted back pain. The textured “felt like” surface keeps the pillow in place and free from sliding around throughout the entire work day. Coffee spills need not be a problem as it is completely waterproof and easily cleaned with soap and water.

There are many other uses for PillowFix as well – take this along for ballgames, travel, camping, restaurants, concerts, long car/bus rides and more!


Why PillowFix is Ideal for Office Chair Comfort

  • Provides excellent lumbar support
  • Encourages correct posture
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Allows for various levels of inflation for optimal comfort
  • Easy to store in an office desk drawer, briefcase or purse
  • Manufactured with medical grade materials
  • Durable & easy to clean
  • Manufactured in the USA


Corner Close-up




Uninflated and Flat
Uninflated and Flat



 Your Best Rest Is Possible For Only $19.99!!