The Most Innovative Product for Travelers Since Adding Wheels to Suitcases


box-image-1This incredibly simple inflatable pillow can turn any pillow, no matter how flat and uncomfortable, into a pillow that will make you think you’re staying in an exclusive five-star resort. When you use a PillowFix with your pillow, you’ll actually need that wake-up call… even on your first night away from home.

The innovative design of the PillowFix allows for easy insertion into the pillow case, underneath the existing pillow. Inflation is easily accomplished with a few quick breaths to your desired comfort zone. The internal gussets guarantee consistent support throughout the entire surface area of the pillow. You won’t wake up half way through the evening to discover that the pillow has “ballooned” to one side or the other as a result of movement during the night.

While deflated, the PillowFix requires minimal space in your carry on so there’s no reason not to take one with you wherever you go.

The PillowFix is designed and manufactured entirely in the USA and 100% of the materials are hypoallergenic. The texture of the external surfaces ensures that the pillow will stay in place throughout the entire evening. This “must have” travel pillow will have you wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and wondering “Where has this product been all of my life???”

There are many other uses for PillowFix as well – take this along for ballgames, travel, camping, restaurants, concerts, long car/bus rides and more!


Why PillowFix is Ideal for Travelers

  • Sleep comfortably anywhere
  • Promotes neck support for proper rest
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Allows for various levels of inflation for optimal comfort
  • Easy to store in small carry-on luggage, taking up minimal space
  • Manufactured with medical grade materials
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Manufactured in the USA


Corner Close-up




Uninflated and Flat
Uninflated and Flat



 Your Best Rest Is Possible For Only $19.99!!